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Sunwaves Confirms Its Complete Lineup

Sunwaves confirms its complete lineup

Six days of cutting-edge music in Romania.

Europe is awash with festivals these days. More consecutive weekenders than even the most committed enthusiast can muster the time or stamina for. A few truly stand out and as it enters its 23rd edition Romania’s Sunwaves remains a firm contender – at a musical level at least – as one of the continent’s finest.

The finalized line up was released today and boasts revered, unrelenting talent from over eighty artists set to play over the course of six days, from April 26th to May 1st. Notably among them, Ricardo Villalobos, ZIP, Sonja Moonear, Seth Troxler, Craig Richards, Margaret Dygas, Adam Sheldon, Apollonia, Raresh, Rhadoo, Herodot and the unreasonable finesse that unites Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia in the form of double act, SIT.

It’s precisely that stripped back, technically-deft Romanian aesthetic that the punters really come running for. Sunwaves presents a unique opportunity to see the top end of Romania’s minimal scene throw out famously extended sets to home crowds on their home turf. Whilst we are well rehearsed in seeing the likes of Cap, Cally, Cezar, Praslea, Priku and Barac up the audio-ante on London’s underground scene, a local setting together with improbable B2B’s and music-focussed crowds insists on something a bit special taking place. It’s where you will find the Romanian’s on their finest, incandescent form.

Situated on a five-mile stretch of Mamaia Beach in the small town of Constanta, some two and a half hours by train from the capital Bucharest, the festival adopts a pared-back approach to set and staging with attention paid to AV. Comparable to Houghton in terms of its lack of frills and unrelenting audio focus, Sunwaves remains free from the frippery and the sometimes confused audio-polarisation that seems to have overtaken the UK festival scene. Emphasis here remains firmly where it should be: On the clarity and sound quality reeling out twenty-four hours a day and night from those beachside, surf-soaked tents.

With ticket prices at a comparatively modest €42-€55 a pop, frankly as far as EG are concerned, there’s few more downright compelling ways in which to spend your 2018 May Day weekend.

For more info and complete lineup, click here.

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