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Tale Of Us 10-hour Marathon At Fabric London

Tale Of Us 10-hour marathon at fabric London

The Italian duo have come along way since their formation in 2008 and what better way to celebrate that, than performing a 10-hour set at fabric London.

Tale of Us (consisting of Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte)  celebrated the launch of their latest compilation fabric 97, with an extended set at the legendary London venue. The party took off in in the main room where they delivered an incredibly memorable, euphoric and techno-driven performance which left the crowd in a state of euphoria. Even before the club had opened its doors, the local pubs were filled with music enthusiasts all excitedly waiting, yet anxious for the celebrations that were about to come.

The Afterlife label heads kicked off the event with a minimal sound, which inspired the early birds off to an amazing first hour with a pulsating start. As the club slowly filled up, they started to tease the crowd with their signature melodic take on techno, bringing cheers and smiles from the crowd.

Having only Room One open in the club (out of the three) made the experience a whole lot more intimate and you could really see the duo connecting with the crowd, and smiling every time they got a positive reaction from the audience. As the evening went on, the tempo’s picked up, the dance floor filled up and the energy heightened. Matteo and Carmine experimented with new styles which only brought more music delirium, which the audience embraced wildly.

Fabric has always been the center point for London’s ravers since it first opened in 1999 and the Italian duo compliment that without question. From the music to the lights, to the audience, the album’s launch gave the most cutting-edge performance of 2018 so far.

Tale of Us captured the hearts of London’s passionate electronic community. And furthermore, they delivered a performance that will be remembered and will lead them to glory for years to come.

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