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Techno’s new museum: The Living Archive of Electronica

Berlin, a city known for its history, museums, architecture, music, and some of the most important clubs in the world has adopted techno as its own, earning the label as the techno capital of the world and a true destination for world wide partygoers who want to experience dance music at its core.

To keep its staple as one of the top techno and dance destinations, Dimitri Hegemann, the owner of one of the oldest and most important clubs in the scene, Tresor, has embraced and ventured to announce the opening of the Techno Museum.

The museum, which is set to open during fall 2016, will be located in Kraftwerk, the abandoned power station that’s been home to the iconic German club since 2007 and coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the club.


Tresor’s frontman revealed the institution’s name will be “The Living Archive of Electronica”, stating that the term ‘museum’ denotes “something that belongs to past.” According to Hegemann the project will be experiential. He’s aiming to “convey the feeling” of the atmosphere in Berlin basements during the rise of techno.

The news follows an announcement this past April that a Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MoMEM) is scheduled to open in Frankfurt in 2017. The only known Techno museum is located at the birthplace of techno, Detroit.


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