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TEMPO: South America’s New Underground Temple.

TEMPO: South America’s new underground temple.

With two decades of experience within the house and techno industry, Cesar Caballero’s & Javier Duque’s depth of knowledge, work ethic and combined passion for underground music is second to none.

Now, they come together to embark on an exciting new project involving the creation of an intriguing venue in the stunning Getsemaní, a Cartagena de Indias neighborhood in Colombia.

TEMPO nightclub is slated to open its doors every weekend beginning December 2016 and is set to become a new and exiting destination for clubbers from around the globe. As Cesar points out, “We are excited to contribute bringing back the underground scene to a destination like Cartagena, after almost 15 years, it was about time.”

As the commercial and touristic hub of Colombia, Cartagena de Indias is the perfect location to open this one of kind venue. The innovative club will showcase top international underground talent as well as national and local up and coming artists. “Colombian underground house and techno scene has been growing steadily for the last 5 years in the main cities, but we feel the Caribbean region needs a proper space to showcase the new sounds and trends of the industry” he continued.


The venue will feature a sophisticated environment for dance music lovers to enjoy and experience avant-garde artists in an intimate space.

With a maximum capacity of 200 people, this cozy club will be divided into three complementary sections, a Main Room, Patio and Lounge. The Main Room will provide music enthusiasts with an ideal atmosphere to experience underground DJ culture properly. The sound-system is powered by Sonic Lab Audio, the company that provides sound to events like “The BPM Festival” and is also linked to internationally renowned nightclubs like Crobar, Twilo, Cocoon, Womb, Room 26 and Sound Factory. The overall club is designed to enhance and provide an enveloping effect of the music on club-goers.

The outdoor, open-spaced Patio will provide reprise from the Main Room where guests will comfortably interact in a more relaxed setting.

As we come closer to the opening day, we are exited to have a club like this who will promises to be a staple as well as a dance institution in the region. Stay tuned for more details.

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