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The Sen5eless Experience

The Sen5eless Experience

On Saturday, July 9th, the highly anticipated Senseless event, that vowed to immerse our 5 senses into an unforgettable, emotively sensual experience, and perhaps even tickle a possible 6th sense, demonstrated to Toronto festival-goers that they needn’t travel to far and exotic destinations to experience music and art at its finest. Aside from the obvious draw of the event, that being a wicked lineup of talented musicians, I was elated and eager to discover how this event would meld sight, taste, sound, touch and smell, all into one spectacular venue.


Speaking of which, apart from having a conversation provoking historical background, Evergreen Brick Works is a phenomenal playground for urban explorers and enthusiasts with an inextricable beauty that is so raw in nature. The walls are donned with ophthalmoception stimulating graffiti designs and paintings from both local and international artists and the ground is ladened with what seemed to be old  train track lines.

It was difficult not to wander aimlessly, and explore the many interactive activities that were scattered throughout the space. I was easily drawn to two in particular, that undeniably and excitingly stimulated my sense of touch and sight. Exclusive 3D mapping and LED visuals had me fastened to their experience, along with the SubPac high-fidelity tactile bass system, where a backpack that was connected to the main speakers, took my body into a boost of subsonic vibrational bass heaven!

Being Italian, I knew I had to address my inner “foodie”, that being said, my sense of taste was sonorously taken care of with a plethora of foods to indulge upon. From Chef Joe Friday’s specials to Dutch Dreams Ice Cream Parlour, my gastronomic desires were aroused and my sense of taste properly satisfied.

Trying to contain my child-like wonderment to some degree, and at the same time needing to burn off some of the delicious calories I had just ingested, I decided to begin to focus on my sense of audioception by feeding my ears with the sounds of the incredible duo Nature of Music whose music is now affiliated with industry heavyweight, Hernan Cattaneo and his Sudbeat label. Mazi and Kian effortlessly set the atmosphere to perfection with their dreamy sound, making the transition into Rodriguez Jr.’s set seamless and magical. It’s very possible that this is where and when my sixth sense was awakened.


From start to finish, the fabulously entertaining French producer, Rodriguez Jr. displayed a level of enthusiasm that was contagious, whilst at the same time dispensing onto the crowd clamouring tracks like “Petropolis” and “Sulfuric State,”. My feet were shuffling to the beat, and to think that this was just the beginning of the event! I was brimming with excitement from the immensity of the the experience thus far.

On to a performance that absolutely blew my mind, was Canadian-born, Berlin-based Frivolous (Daniel Gardner), who upon first encounter, displays a unabashedly boyish disposition but proved to be far beyond that, once he hit the decks. Known for integrating homemade devices such as the “Frivolous Patented Electromagnetic knife”, he reformulates the genre of electronic music with this signature trademark, along with unique back deck antics with an M-Audio keyboard, combined with singing vocal additions! He practically and purposely stole the show with his audio arousing sound.

At the risk of sounding cliche and playing on my words with puns, I have to admit, German duo Tube & Berger really brought the “house” down with their set. Having a talented aerialist accompany their sound made tracks like “Set It Off” and their latest debut, “Set Free” come to life, giving a “Miami-like” vibe and allure to everyone who was dancing energetically to their deep house classics.

As the evening descended upon us it was no surprise that Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, TEED aka Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom, would determinably take us to the darker side of electronic music, splashing his audience with a fusilade of acid techno beats. Only to creatively and unassumingly infuse such jazzy classics as “I Want You to Get Together” from St Germain and “Take Me Up” from Ralphi Rosario, into his set which undoubtedly had this artist deserve his spot as the final act to end an incredibly successful Senseless experience.

Toronto has quickly secured itself as a hot spot on the electronic music scene, with events like Senseless, Electric Island, and this Sunday, July 17th the All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies event (Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay and Yokoo). Many thanks to Lindsay Cabrera Public Relations and Balance Inc. and all the amazing staff who made this event possible and for continuing to provide our city with these sensory elevating and community building experiences!

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