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Tokyo Dance Music Event

Tokyo Dance Music Event

As the presence of electronic dance music in the East expands, Japan announce its first ever venture into hosting an international music conference, Tokyo Dance Music Event (TDME) this December 1-3rd 2016.

Taking place at Shibuya‘s iconic venues and dance floors such as Hikarie Hall, Red Bull Studios Tokyo, Womb, Contact, Sound Music Vision and Boiler Room Tokyo- Dommune. As expected, Japan has invited pioneering and influential guest speakers. Nina Kraviz has recently sparked quite an excitement for TDME, as she joins the panel alongside the key-makers, journalists, record labels, club owners, officials and specialists, the all-round innovators within the music industry, complimented by the workshops and showcases of TDME’s collaborators.

The panel forms quite a diverse and versatile forum, covering a variety of roles that makes the industry come together. Starting with Shibuya’s city Tourism Association figure Jungo Kanayama, Shibuya’s nightlife ambassador Zeebra and even the mayor of Shibuya. Ken Hasebe, with a East meets West meeting on socio-economics with Marc Wolhrabe, the lobbying founder of Berlin Club Commission.

The series of talks will also cover PR with the likes of the renowned media platforms such as The Fader, DJ Mag and The Drum. Further more, the event will shine a light on, not just the wests input but hopefully focussing and highlighting Asia’s key roles in electronic dance music globally.

Respected bodies throughout the Asian market have pushed the scene to what we know of it today. Producing their own art and promoting themselves and others are: Dev Bhatia (Unmute Agency, India), Robb Harker (Supermodified LTD, Korea) , Pav Parrotte (Time Manila, Philippines), Spencer Tarring (Pyro Music, China), Miao Wong (ARP * dART, China) and Arjun Vagale (DJ/Producer).

TDME are proud to partner up with Toolroom Records and Boiler Room along with Ableton who are responsible for the weekends buzz of music events and workshops across the city.

Check more details about the event here.

Tokyo Dance Music Event

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