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Watch Dekmantel’s first installment of the Selectors Documentary series

Dekmantel and Grolsch have partnered to present their first installment in the Selectors documentary series featuring Amsterdam fixtures Red Light Radio and Red Light Records. Both crews talk about how their passion for music resulted in running a popular online radio station and a ‘paradise’ record store. The video is shot in the lead up to the Selectors stage at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam and Dekmantel Selectors in Croatia, where all key players in the documentary will perform.


The first installment of the Selectors series that goes deep to local music heroes catches up with the community hub for underground music in the Dutch capital. Red Light Radio co-founder Orpheu de Jong: “We’re here in this perfect environment doing the radio, the shop is next door, we’re all friends sharing what we love most – it’s a perfect thing.”

In the documentary both parties tell how they started their adventures and try to explain their passion and sense for music. Tako Reyenga, (co-owner of Red Light Records): “I think the knowledge comes from years and years of digging. You build up your database. You just have to do a lot of digging. Get dusty and on your knees.”

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