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10 Techno Picks From September 2018

10 Techno Picks from September 2018

September was no stranger to massive techno tunes, giving us a wide selection of anthems, hard grooves and epic kicks to choose from. Here we compile 10 that caught our ears and present them in no particular order.

SRVD – Elevate – Rekids

Bouncing beats and a whole lot of echo and reverb make Elevate, a track from SRVD (a Radio Slave-Patrick Mason collaboration), feel ten miles high, a sensation aided by the repeating, mantra-like vocals. As hypnotic a tune as you´d expect from the likes of Radio Slave.

SCB – Hexagon – Hotflush

Scuba crossed over into techno from the realm of dubstep, where he had made his fame with some excellent LP´s that showcased his surgeon´s precision when it came to crafting chilling, yet emotionally alluring, pieces of electronic music. He´s lent his touch to several techno productions by now, rising to the top of that genre as well and where he´s bound to stay if he keeps releasing tracks like Hexagon, as cold and deadly as an ice-pick made of ice.

LAAT – Give Your Love – Tronic Music

Amsterdam techno rising star LAAT gives us a taste of his energetic, raw and melodic sound with Give Your Love, released by Tronic Music. Aggressive kicks and a compelling synth lead carry the rhythm while vocal samples peek about and get sucked into an echo vortex.

8factor – They Came To Equalize – East Leipzig Theory

With a distinctive Detroit vibe, They Came To Equalize introduces us to 8factor and his Second Dimension EP, out on East Leipzig Theory. A catchy bassline runs throughout the tune´s solid beats and voice samples, creating a dark, old-school atmosphere that hides many surprising turns in its many layers.

The Advent – High Horse – Klockworks

Long-standing techno society member The Advent keeps bringing his distinctive style to new levels after more than 20 years bashing out beats, earning him a place high up among his peers and audiences around the globe. The Klockworks 22 EP brings us more of his energetic and atmospheric techno style, with opening cut High Horse delivering a hefty dose of jackin´ techno know-how.

The Saunderson Brothers – Under The Bridge – KMS

Dantiez and Damarii Saunderson carry more techno in their blood than a week-long squat party, and it´s because of two reasons: they´re natives of Detroit, the city that gave birth to the style, and they´re both sons of Kevin Saunderson, a part of the “Holy Trinity” of Detroit and of techno history itself. Released by the legendary KMS, their track Under The Bridge continues on the great legacy of their predecessors, with booming kicks, stabbing synths and an irresistible groove.

Ellen Allien – Trigger – Nonplus

True to her sci-fi techno style, German techno powerhouse Ellen Allien brings us her Take A Stand EP on Nonplus Records, featuring 3 tracks and opening with the lengthy and epic title track. Following is Trigger, a delightful slice of modulated kicks and cavernous effects that carries a killer  bass-led drive.

Dense & Pika and Melody´s Enemy – From Nothing – Kneaded Pains

Dense & Pika collaborate with Melody´s Enemy once again to produce From Nothing, combining deep grooves with a solid beat and creating a killer track complete with ominous vocals and funky bass flourishes. Released by Kneaded Pains together with an excellent remix by Perc.

Re:axis – Energy In Motion – Planet Rhythm

A pulsating techno beat opens Energy In Motion, included in the EP of the same name by Re:Axis and released by Planet Rhythm, which then starts progressing and building up into a driving, hypnotic track, thanks in part to mysterious voice samples.

Pascal FEOS – F&L – Bedrock

Techno veteran Pascal FEOS has been responsible for some very memorable tracks throughout his almost 3-decade career, keeping true to his roots and always looking to push the genre forward. He teams up with Bedrock to release The Big Reason EP, a huge record that includes F&L, a sonic overload that looks murky from afar, but once you get up close, turns into a wonderfully complex affair with a killer bassline.

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