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22 Notable Studio Tips Of 2022

22 Notable Studio Tips of 2022

As we end another year filled with new music and memories, we took some time to step back inside the…

Lake Turner Shares 5 Essential Studio Tips

Lake Turner shares 5 essential studio tips

Wrapping up this eventful year for Sasha's Last Night On Earth, the brand has one more release that has been…

Thylacine Shares 5 Studio Tips To Improve Your Perspective

Thylacine shares 5 studio tips to improve your perspective

Thylacine is the scientific name of the Tasmanian wolf, a species that became extinct 70 years ago. A precious word,…

Myd Shares 3 Creative Studio Tips Ahead Of His North American Tour

Myd shares 3 creative studio tips ahead of his North American Tour

French singer/producer/DJ Myd has unveiled the deluxe version of his debut album ‘Born A Loser’. The deluxe issue features new…

Bad Colours Shares 5 Basic Studio Tips

Bad Colours shares 5 basic studio tips

Bad Colours is back with his sophomore album, 'Always With U', out on Bastard Jazz Recordings. The London-born, Maryland-raised, Brooklyn-based…

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