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Founded with a mission to redefine the electronic music scene, EG challenges traditional standards by igniting insightful discussions and pushing the boundaries of dance music culture. Our vision is to be a beacon of innovation and creativity, fostering a vibrant community where artists and enthusiasts can thrive. We serve as a dynamic amplifier and platform for new music, news, interviews, and special features, delivering credible, objective, and compelling content that resonates with our audience.

For over 15 years, EG has been a pioneer in the electronic music industry. Our unwavering commitment to supporting artists, labels, brands, and festivals is reflected in the dedicated and personalized attention we give to each artistic endeavor. We deeply value creators and their unique contributions, understanding the importance of nurturing their talent and vision. Our journey has been marked by a genuine passion for the art form, and we have stood by our community at every turn, celebrating their successes and providing a platform for their voices to be heard.

EG’s growth and evolution have been fueled by our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our expansion into Spanish-speaking territories with the launch of Electronic Groove en Español is a testament to our commitment to cultural development and inclusivity. This comprehensive online platform is designed to bolster the region’s artistic landscape, providing a space where diverse voices can come together and flourish. Our established headquarters in Miami, coupled with supporting offices across the globe, enable us to deliver high-quality content to our worldwide audience, ensuring that our reach is both broad and impactful.

Our content is more than just information; it’s a reflection of our values and our dedication to the electronic music community. We believe in the power of storytelling and the importance of connecting with our audience on a deeper level. Through our carefully curated features, interviews, and news, we aim to inspire, educate, and entertain, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among our readers.

At EG, we are constantly evolving, always looking for new ways to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and our passion for electronic music drives everything we do. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our mission of pushing the electronic music scene forward, challenging conventions, and creating a vibrant, inclusive community where everyone can share in the joy of music.

EG is more than just a platform; it’s a movement. A movement that champions creativity celebrates diversity and supports the artistic journey of every individual within the electronic music community. Join us as we continue to blaze new trails, set new standards, and elevate the art of electronic music to new heights.

Mauricio Viana
Founder & Director

Rene Weffer

Simon Mamy
EGE Director

Amanda Alminana
Premiere Manager

Axel Bray
Senior Editor & Promo Manager

Juani Wilkinson

Lisa Sant

Javier Romero
Media Director

Claudia Alonso

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