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Aphex Twin & Novation reveal the AFX Station

Featuring the AFX Mode.

Aphex Twin and Novation announced the launch of the Novation AFX Station, a new edition of the Bass Station II synthesizer with a new look (approved by Richard D. James himself), and some improvements like the ‘AFX Mode’.

Novation’s AFX Station includes the same Bass Station II features, including two oscillators, a multimode filter, amp, and filter modulation, step sequencing, and arpeggiator. It also comes pre-installed with firmware v4.14, which adds new features including fixed-length envelopes, extended sub-oscillator controls, oscillator slip divergence, and the acclaimed ‘AFX Mode’, with which each key becomes a new patch, revolutionizing the form in which it can be played on an instrument since each key will have a completely different sound.

The new synthesizer ships with 128 new synth patches and seven new overlay banks from Lightbath, Noyze Lab, Richard Devine, r beny, and Perplex On, channeling the creative vision of Aphex Twin. Novation Components’ new overlay editor allows full control over managing the behavior of the AFX Station in ‘AFX Mode’.

Novation’s AFX Station is up for 533 US$ and you can pre-order it here.

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