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EG.650 Adam Ten

Adam Ten was born and grew up in Kibbutz ‘Shfaiem’ (a small community village) in Israel. He created a deep interest in music by playing several musical instruments and collecting music. At the age of 18, he started djing and exploring different types and a variety of music genres until he found his unique and specific sound.

Two years ago Adam founded along side his DJ partners (Roni Amitai and Sheimus K) the collective ‘Dov Gummy’ (Gummy Bear translated into English). A fresh techno community-based in Tel-Aviv, aiming to color the dark underground world. The three of them produce particular events in unusual locations around the city.

Adam is Also a co-founder and partner in the event ‘Terra’, a well-known production of nature party’s in the underground scene in Israel.

Nowadays, Adam can tell that his biggest satisfaction is to play long‘all-nighter sets’ and to float with the people to a great and smooth musical journey. It is almost impossible not to notice his fluency in a very wide spectrum of music genres; from Afro to Disco, to Techno to Soulful, to Indie Dance, to House music, he creates an unexpected blend that forms a unique new whole. He is about to bring out his first original new materials at the beginning of next year.

Adam is a weekly based resident at the well-known ‘Breakfast Club’ in Tel Aviv, he is also playing at the key-clubs in Israel; ‘The Block’, ‘Beit Maariv’, ‘The Bootleg Club’, ‘Alphabet’, ‘Aria Lounge’, ‘ The Forum Club’ ,Etc.

“This mix is my way to summarizes this very packed (by great experiences) summer in a way that I can preserve it. The idea behind the set was to create a snapshot of what I would usually play at the peak of the night when I’m doing 4 hours sets”.

01. Novio Dub Tribe – Kakiuchi Dub
02. Cannibal Ink – Samarkanda (Zombies in Miami Audio Guide Remix)
03. Fancisco & Cosmo – System 3 (Delphi Bonus Beat)
04. MULYA – Marvin
05. Toto Chiavetta – Nothing Really Matters
06. WhoMadeWho – I Don’t Know Remix
07. AFFKT – FlashCrash (Dubspeeka remix)
08. Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)
09. Coyu – 1+1
10. Bun˙s ñ Guinney
11. Terr – Find A Way
12. German Brigante – Modulations
13. P – Equation III

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