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Harry Romero shares 3 essential studio tips to improve your game

After over three decades in the business, the humble house legend Harry Romero and Defected have compiled 30 quality tracks from the Jersey native’s expansive career to create an eclectic and essential collection for any fans of the genre, as he joins the illustrious list of House Masters. Featuring old favorites and driving re-edits of the producer’s biggest tracks, appealing to long-time fans while also reaching a new generation of listeners to discover his rich discography.

Photo Credit: Harry Romero / Official

In this occasion, we have asked Harry to share 3 studio tips  to improve your musical skills.

1. Have an idea beforehand

My first tip is always to have an idea when you go into the studio. My college background was as a visual artist, and we were told to never sit in front of a blank canvas without an idea, so always come up with a rudimentary idea! You don’t have to stick to it but you do need a starting
point to get the workflow going and so, hopefully, by the end of the day, you’ll have a working demo.

2. Basic instinct

My second tip is to trust your gut. If you have an initial surge of ideas and energy, that’s the wave you want to ride when you’re working on something new. Work fast and try and sketch out an arrangement. It’s amazing when you come back to an arrangement a day or two later. You realize that because it was so spontaneous, you couldn’t have gotten to that point any other way. If you sit there and think too much and plot too much, you fall out of the groove and it’s noticeable. Work fast and trust your gut as you can always come back and fix any transitions.

3. Reference points

My final studio tip is to have some kind of clear reference point. If I want to expand my musical horizons, what I like to do is bring a track as a reference and try and top or beat that reference. So my third and final tip is to bring something as a guide that you can follow and hopefully try and beat!

Harry Romero’s Defected presents House Masters is now available. Stream and buy here.

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