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Innervisions announces new ‘Secret Wepons’ release

It’s the eleventh delivery of the series. 

Dixon and Âme‘s record label, Innervisions, is ready to publish a new edition of its ‘Secret Weapons’ compilation, featuring artists like Denis Horvat,  Inellea, Yotam Avni, Ditian or Dixon himself.

The 14-track collection will be released on January 18th and is described as a “group of tracks to create vivid moments, whether for the after or late night”.

Find the tracklist below and pre-order your copy here.

  1. Glowal – Cries
  2. Pablo Fierro – Tel Aviv To Casablanca
  3. Motip White – Boose
  4. Orchestra Familiàr – Jack
  5. Kadosh & Yost Koen – Frau Blau
  6. Thomas Gandey & Santiago Garcia – On Two Strangers
  7. EDE – Jenny
  8. Kevin Di Serna – Amapola
  9. Murat Uncuoglu – Thoughts
  10. Ditian – Fine Day
  11. Innellea – If Sarah Wouldn’t Cry
  12. Yotam Avni – Regis Is For Regisford
  13. Denis Horvat – Vetiver
  14. Amberoom – Kastell (Dixon Retouch)

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