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Valentino Kanzyani “The most important in a back-to-back is the humbleness and professionalism of the ones involved”

Valentino Kanzyani’s rise to prominence as founding father of the Slovenian Techno scene dates back to the mid 1990’s. A highly skillful and acclaimed performer, his fame as resident spinner at Ambasada Gavioli grew larger and larger thanks to his mind altering and impressive 3-decks technique and all-night-long sets. After releasing his first tracks as Recycled Loops, the Eastern Europe turntable virtuoso founded his own vinyl-only label Jesus Loved You, which served as an outlet for his creative outputs and personal projects, staying true to the original format of the DJ.

We had a chance to talk with him ahead of his FUSE Ibiza gig night where he’ll be sharing decks with Enzo Siragusa for the Hyte Ibiza closing date at Amnesia.

Electronic Groove: Hello Valentino, thanks for the time to chat with us. Where in the world are you right now and what are you up to?

Valentino Kanzyani: Hey guys, I just got back from Sonus Festival last night to my home on the coast of Slovenia, had time just to basically change my clothes and some records in my record bag and I’m on the road again, as I play in Gran Canarias tomorrow night and Ibiza on Monday… So I need to get ready again to be out of my house for the next 5 days…

Electronic Groove: You’ve been described as one of the founding fathers of Slovenian techno, what first got you into Techno? Can you pin-point a life-altering moment?

Valentino Kanzyani: I was always interested in music since an early age. I wanted to be a drummer when I was 8 but also liked dancing and when got a chance to go to a club when I was just 11 it was when I realized that I definitely want to be a DJ, and step by step I became one! Years passed and I started to produce music when I was 19, and got my first release track when I was 21. My first EP came when I was 24, so it took some time to get things moving back then.

I was also the first Resident and Artistic Director of Ambasada Gavioli from age 20 to 24, and had the chance to book and play alongside the best DJs of those days including some like Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Demon Wild, Regis & Surgeon, among other important artists.

Basically we brought to Slovenia the best Techno artists of that time, also we booked House DJs, offering a lot of inspiration from both sides.

That’s why I’ve never stuck to just one sound and have always loved to fuse different styles in my sets, like I did as an Artistic Director back in my twenties… 🙂

Electronic Groove: In all your years touring around the globe, what’s your favorite club or city to play?

Valentino Kanzyani: I have a lot of appreciation for the Romanian scene but also love Uruguay. I had a very nice gig in July at Phonoteque, Montevideo, the crowd was amazing and all the people from staff to clubbers were just amazingly educated and nice!

It’s hard to point just one favorite place as I love also to play in Berlin, especially when I play with my friends at Club Der Visionaere.

Electronic Groove: You’ve been booked for two dates with FUSE as part of their Hyte Residency at Amnesia Ibiza this summer. How did your relationship with London party crew Fuse start?

Valentino Kanzyani: I’ve played for FUSE many times in the past. I met the guys in Ibiza when they were doing their first season; from the start there was a good vibe between us. It was magical since day one when I started to play for them in London. Also I have to say they are an amazing crew and crowd as well – sound and set up are always on point, so naturally the parties they do at Village Underground on Sundays are always very special experiences. I am also happy to be part of their Ibiza project this year, specially in Amnesia as is one of my favorite clubs in the island.


Electronic Groove: It’s been said you have a chemistry behind the decks with FUSE founder Enzo Siragusa, something you’ll be repeating Sept 14th for the headline set of the night – what makes a special B2B and who is your dream B2B not yet to have been realized?

Valentino Kanzyani: Yeah I’ve played with Enzo several times now and we always deliver proper sets together. I remember the first time was totally unplanned; I was playing for Art of Dark on Saturday night, I met Enzo there and he had an idea – To come over to Village Underground on Sunday and play an unannounced back-to-back with me. We did it and really got a flow going on as we had not prepared it be-forehand or anything, just turned out that we like the same kind of beats and grooves.. 🙂

The most important thing in a back-to-back is the humbleness and professionalism of the ones involved! If one or both DJs   are not humble, but are just trying to show their great records and mixing skills instead of putting the flow  of  their  set  as  a  whole  first – then things are not going in the right directions and a back-to-back is not happening!

Enzo is a great guy and great DJ and it’ll be a pleasure for me to share the decks with him on September 14th for the closing set at Amnesia.

My dream back 2 back would probably be with my girlfriend.. 🙂

Electronic Groove: What record(s) never leaves your bag / USB stick?

Valentino Kanzyani: Just to name a few are:

1. Binh – Buyout EP (Cabaret Recordings)
2. Wolf&Bear – Raptures of the Deep (Craig Richards Remix)
3. Christian Morgenstern – The Future is on Fire (Konsequent Records)
4. Leopol – Joy Misery
5. Pickled People – Preserved People

I change my records frequently, every weekend, some go out and new ones get in, but for the last few months these haven’t left my bag for sure!

Electronic Groove: Give us your favorite insiders Ibiza tip.

Valentino Kanzyani: I like getting my power back in Passion Cafe in Botafoc and Santa Eularia, dining or shopping in some of the cute little restaurants and shops in laid back Santa Gertrudis.

As for beaches I will have to keep my special places to myself, as they are already getting crowded, not much is left a secret in ibiza! 🙂

Luv, Valentino

Catch Valentino Kanzyani alongside Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito and more at FUSE x HYTE, Amnesia Ibiza on 14th September, 2016 full details here.

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