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Label of the Month: Katermukke

In the vibrant heart of Berlin’s electronic music scene, there existed a safe haven where music transcended boundaries and conventions, where every note was an invitation to explore the uncharted. This was the birthplace of Katermukke, a kaleidoscopic label conceived in 2011 by the visionary Dirty Doering.

Katermukke is more than just another imprint; it is a sonic journey, an ever-evolving story that unfolds with every release, and a testament to the restless spirit of musical innovation. Within its embrace, Katermukke amalgamates a broad gamut of electronic genres, from the narcotic allure of melodic house to the pounding heartbeats of techno, from the ethereal landscapes of electronica to the infectious rhythms of indie dance, and beyond.

Founded by Velten Doering in 2011, Katermukke’s origins are based on what some might call an irrational sense of passion and freedom. Instead of sitting in the subway on his way to work on a Monday morning, Velten joins his pals in his run-down flat for an after-hours, offsetting an unexpected chain of events that would see him and his pals start to organize event series, open bars, and even turn a rundown Berlin backyard into a buoyant club. From here, the rest is history.

Reborn as Dirty Doering, a character artist by the book, his sound is as succinct as the loud laughter and as surprising as the knee-high white energy socks that he likes to wear behind the booth. He is undoubtedly a sommelier of electronic dance music and, depending on the setting and set, sounds so deep, so driving, so groovy, and like 80s synths – but always extremely enchanting.

What sets Katermukke apart from the rest is its audacious spirit, a fearless approach to music that celebrates the unknown. It isn’t afraid to take risks, to venture where others dared not tread. It has become a sanctuary for artists who defy convention, a place where their unique voices can blossom. Katermukke is the canvas, and the artists are the painters, crafting sonic experiences that challenge the daily trends on the airwaves.

As the years roll on, Katermukke’s catalog of music has grown, each track a testament to the label’s unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries. ‘Acid Pauli – Nana’ took listeners on a spellbinding journey with unusual sound textures and rhythms to create a unique and immersive listening experience, while ‘Roderic – Passengers (feat. Jacqueline Jones)’ made hearts melt with its slow-burning groove; Thomas Atzmann’s remix of  ‘Just Emma – Sunshine Feat. Matthias Wittmann’ chimed with hypnotic melodies and indie-esq flair, and ‘Andreas Henneberg – The Way’ has stretched the limits of musical exploration.

‘Matchy – Irreversible’ has electrified dancefloors, Teenage Mutants & Lars Moston’s ‘Doso’ became a tribalistic act of escapism, and ‘Beatamines – The Beat’ has moved body and soul with its relentless rhythm. Mat.Joe’s ‘Positivity feat. Fiona’ mesmerized with its electronic underground currents, while ‘Einmusik & Dirty Doering – Centaurio’ stirred emotions with its effervescent essence, and Britta Arnold’s ‘The Voice’ has been a beacon of light with soulful vocals.

But Katermukke’s story is far from over. The label has remained steadfast in its quest for musical expression, ever-curious, and always looking forward. With Dirty Doering’s recently released ‘300’, the brand celebrates its 300th release and 13 years of existence. One that has kept Katermukke at the forefront of the electronic scene as one of its most cherished treasures.

As we gaze into the future, one thing is clear: Katermukke’s tale is an ongoing saga of sonic innovation, a story of breaking molds, forging ahead, and rewriting the rules. To experience the ever-evolving universe of Katermukke is to immerse oneself in a narrative of limitless possibilities, where the music is a living, breathing character, and the dancefloors are the stages where stories are told, emotions are shared, and memories are etched into the very fabric of time. The journey continues, and the sound of Katermukke echoes through the ages, an enduring testament to the power of music and the boundless spirit of exploration and curiosity.

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