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Moby shares video exposing animal cruelty with reworked version of Cream’s ‘We’re Going Wrong’

Shedding light on the industry’s darker aspects.

Photo Credit: Travis Schneider

Musician, producer, and activist Moby has recently released a heartfelt version of Cream’s ‘We’re Going Wrong’ featuring Brie O’Banion. The single is now available on the artist’s label, Always Centered At Night. Accompanying the single is an animated video that aims to increase awareness about the harsh realities of animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry.

The idea for Moby’s rendition of ‘We’re Going Wrong’ originated a few years ago when he stumbled upon the cream track while organizing his vinyl records. Captivated by its poignant beauty, he decided to create a slower-paced rendition of the song. He enlisted the talented Brie O’Banion to lend her vocals, adding depth and richness to the track.

In the video, Moby uses his platform to address the tragic horrors of meat and dairy production. The animation, both poignant and heart-wrenching, sheds light on the darker aspects of the industry and prompts viewers to reflect on the ethical implications of their food choices.

Watch the official video for Moby’s version of Cream’s ‘We’re Going Wrong’ featuring Brie O’Banion below. Stream and download the single here.

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