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Pablo Bolivar: “I always follow my style”

Boasting more than a decade of experience releasing music, Pablo Bolívar is a familiar name to most in the underground circuit of Dance music.

With releases in some of the most important labels, his style never fails to impress and to captivate those who experience the quality and class of his releases as well as DJ sets. This time he speaks with us about his recent EP on Culprit, playing worldwide and what’s to come.

Electronic Groove: Hi Pablo, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. What have you been up to these past few weeks? 

Pablo Bolivar: Thanks guys, my pleasure. Last month I was resting in Cantabria, my home land, and flying from there to music events.

EG: We noticed you played in Hungary last month, how was the show?

Pablo Bolivar: Alkototavor festival was fantastic! Last year I couldn’t make it because of flights issues, and this year they booked me again. I have to say that was super great, 3 days with two stages with live bands and DJs, most of them playing just vinyl, hardware, a lot of dub techno, all kind of people, an open air park area… super interesting.

 EG: When playing abroad, do you make sure you have time to explore the local area or do you end up mostly traveling/staying in the hotel?

Pablo Bolivar: Depends on the country and flight combinations, last week I was playing for first time in Beirut (Lebanon) and I stayed for 2 days. Ralph, the promoter, was super cool and showed me part of the city and we went to his friends’ private parties, I was really impressed! Sometimes we have a wrong vision about some countries.

EG: What country would you say is most receptive to your music?

Pablo Bolivar: I think Russia, they have a special feeling for deep music, I love it.

“I think Culprit is one of the most classy labels of the moment”

EG: Your EP on LA label Culprit came out this month, are you happy with the results?

Pablo Bolivar: Yeah very happy, I think Culprit is one of the most classy labels of the moment, I love the taste they have, quality music for the club or your living room.

EG: Did you approach any aspects of the production differently due to releasing it on Culprit and not on one of your own imprints?

Pablo Bolivar: I always follow my style, it could be harder or softer, but always deep in a Bolivar moody way.

EG: What are your thoughts of Kevin Yost’s remix of ‘All Clear’?

Pablo Bolivar: I really like it but I think it is not his best remix.

EG: Any other releases in the pipeline?

Pablo Bolivar: Yes, my collaboration with Suol Recordings is out now and I have a new vinyl release on Seven Villas with Sensual Physics coming out in September, I also have some remixes for Luna City Express, Funk D’Void, and Mastra.

“Soundcloud is the ultimate tool when speaking about music streaming”

EG: As someone who owns a label and is passionate about discovering new talent, we are interested in getting your view on the downfall of Soundcloud and how valuable you find it as an A&R tool?

Pablo Bolivar: Soundcloud is the ultimate tool when speaking about music streaming, it helps a lot to share demos and follow the stats on the platform, but I think they need to improve a lot of things and make it better, or soon a new and better platform will be created.

EG: Thanks Pablo! Finally, could you name your top 3 tour essentials?

Pablo Bolivar: Headphones, comfortable sneakers, an audio recorder.

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