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Pioneer launches the DDJ-1000, a new all-in-one controller

The iconic audio brand reveals the details of its new DJ tool.

Pioneer just presented its new all-in-one controller. The DDJ-1000 comes with new central screens on the jog wheels, being the first replacement the company shows for the classic screens that have always mounted their devices. Also, the tool was designed to get the most of the new version of the brand’s Rekordbox DJ performance software, which features an expanded related tracks sorting system, improved audio analysis and automix function.

Other of the device’s features are sound color FX effects and Magvel crossfader, a few FX extra effects section, 24-bit audio interface and 112 dB SNR, 202mm diameter aluminum jog wheels with precise visualization of the waveform, song time, BPM, hot cues and virtual position indicator of rotation. Double USB ports to share the controller between two DJs are also included.

The DDJ-1000 will be available on mid-February through pre-order for an initial price of US$ 1.199.

Watch the teaser below.


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