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Saite Zwei – Tonscheibensterne – Free at Last Records

German duo Saite Zwei, known for their live instrumented electronic music, delivers this three-track EP as the first release on their new label, Free At Last. The release includes an original production by the duo along with remixes by The Micronaut and DirrtyDishes.

‘Tonscheibensterne’ is a deep techno cut molded by carefully crafted synths that carry the track with wide and heavily delayed stabs, an intense arpeggiated lead melody and a deep progressive bassline.The Micronaut’s take preserves the key synth sounds of the original while adding a refreshed groove, a trippy vocal sample, bigger breakdowns and more compelling drops. Finally, DirrtyDishes interprets the piece as a banging tech house production backed by tribal percussion loops and a driving in-your-face bassline that becomes the center of the track as the original synths disappear making it the most distinct take of the group.

While all three tracks are considerably different, they all share common grounds in terms of energy and quality. These tunes are mental, hypnotic and uplifting.

Saite Zwei’s ‘‘Tonscheibensterne’ is available on Free at Last Records. Grab your copy here.

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