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Sam Shure presents his debut album on Stil vor Talent

The LP counts with special collaborations.

DJ and producer Sam Shure will release his first album via Stil Vor Talent. The 10-track LP is entitled ‘Laconia’.

The fresh material features contagious melodies and delicate bass lines, including collaborations with producers such as Cioz, Cook Strummer, and the musician Basem Darwisch.

“My first studio album, Laconia, gave me the freedom to try out different genres and styles. (…) Each song tells a little story that was mainly inspired by the different places of my travels on the go and put them into into practice in the studio” the artist commented.

Sam Shure’s ‘Laconia’ will be available September 20th, 2019 on Stil vor Talent. Pre-order your copy here.

Listen to the album’s mini-mix below.

1. Louna
2. Kamala Bani w/ Cioz
3. Je Te Vois feat. Cook Strummer
4. Mangata
5. Atreyu
6. Encanto
7. Mirage
8. Not Much to Say
9. Guz
10. Aubade

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