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Simon Doty shares 5 tips for when you are lacking creativity & inspiration in the studio

Western wilderness to a college basketball shooting guard are unlikely beginnings for the development of a finely tuned electronic artist. This sound selector and creator is a self-taught gear master ‘whiz kid’ with a profound understanding of musical composition and engineering that has earned the ear of his peers and heroes alike. With a consistent yet dynamic signature sound defined by gritty analog synthesis, emotive melodies, and tough, driving grooves; formative influences like Sasha, Hot Since 82, Joris Voorn, Eelke Kleijn, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, and Carl Cox are now counted among Simon’s most ardent supporters.

After years mastering his sound and ascending the ranks of the underground circuit, 2021 sees Doty rocking a hot hand with an arsenal of original output on UK stalwarts Anjunadeep, Knee Deep In Sound, and Last Night On Earth. An increasingly coveted remixer and engineer, Simon continues to showcase an elite command of his craft and a steadfast pursuit of progress.

His latest release, ‘Party With A Purpose’, is out now on Realm Records. To mark the occasion accordingly, Simon shares 5 tips for when you are lacking creativity & inspiration in the studio.

1. Try standing up and just pressing record.

I find you can get a really different result if you just stand up, get on your favorite synth, and just jam for a while recording all the audio. Then you can go back and use any pieces you might have liked from the session. It can get a totally different result than just clicking in midi notes.

2. Sampling

Try listening to / sampling music that is totally different from what you are making. I find it really useful sometimes to listen to other things like hip hop, rock, jazz, disco. It can help you come up with fresh ideas rather than only listening to electronic music.

3. Creative Remixing

Do a remix using a famous Acapella and then swap it out. Sometimes it can be useful to take a famous vocal and treat it as if you were remixing, then you can pull out the acapella and replace it with your own original vocals or leave It as an instrumental.

4. Switch It Up

Keep trying new VSTs, plugins, hardware, etc. I think too often producers find a sound that works and then they do the exact same thing over and over again. This really starts to drain your creativity. I think it’s super important to always be taking the time to try new plugins or effects and experiment.

5. Organize

Make your own sample packs. All your time in the studio doesn’t have to be dedicated to finishing songs. It’s important to spend time creating your own sounds that can be used later. You can also spend time building effects chains, or organizing your library of samples. Doing these things makes it more fun and free-flowing when it’s time to get tracks completed.

Simon Doty’s ‘Party With A Purpose’ is Out Now on Realm Records. Purchase your copy here.

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