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Techno meets Middle East in Moscoman’s new EG After mix

Featuring Tayir, Agustin Girl, Hardt Antoine, Roman Flugel, Erol Alkan,  Martin Landsky, Chaim, and more.

Photo Credit: Moscoman – Official

Moscoman has released his new mix, EG AFTER.141, now available on the Electronic Groove Soundcloud and Mixcloud platforms.

This diverse compilation features various artists, including Tayir, Agustin Girl, Astroloop, Dino Lenny, Hardt Antoine, Jean Avila, Roman Flugel, Erol Alkan, Holger Ziske, Martin Landsky, Chaim, and Moscoman himself.

Moscoman, or Chen Moscovici, is a prominent figure in Israel’s electronic music scene. Hailing from Tel Aviv, his distinctive sound combines techno, house, and disco with Middle Eastern rhythms.

After making a name for himself in Tel Aviv’s club scene, Moscoman moved to Berlin, a hotspot for electronic music. This move created opportunities for collaboration and further development of his eclectic style.

In 2015, he founded Disco Halal, a record label that fuses Middle Eastern influences with modern electronic beats. Moscoman’s latest offering, ‘Wait Out,’ is now available. Stream and download here.

Listen to EG AFTER.141 Moscoman below and click here for more information.

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