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THE ORB to release new album on Kompakt (Stream)

THE ORB has just announced they will be releasing their 16th album  COW / Chill Out, World! on german label Kompakt Records. The LP that marks a creative renewal for the duo features contributions from Youth and Roger Eno, and is encased in minimal ‘ambient cover art’ courtesy of The Designers Republic.

THE ORB was founded in 1988 and currently formed by Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann. The new LP is described as them as “our most ambient album yet” featuring only the occasional presence of buoyant, gently rhythmic pulses and loops. Whilst Alex calls it “a protest album in reverse”, Thomas Fehlmann further explains, “we didn’t intend to rehash old chill out vibes. On the contrary. It’s the 21st century and it seems like a good idea for people to sit back and chill the fuck out, before continuing to act destructively. To chill out is to act consciously, guided from a calm centre.”

COW’s creation came together in different circumstances with a different working method to their last album. As Moonbuilding 2703 AD was originally commissioned by the English National Opera, the duo immersed themselves in that new world and maintained a close, continuous dialogue with the opera’s orchestrator and technicians.

Fehlmann  sees the duo’s relentless live schedule as a formative influence. “The countless gigs we’ve played in recent years – probably up to 300 – have brought us closer as a musical unit. Our concerts consist mostly of non-verbal communication and improvisation – a fertile process that we’ve brought to the studio, where we operate with very simple rules of engagement (in this case ‘ambient’) and go wherever the flow takes us.”

Paterson and Thomas’ ability to work in a simple, efficient and simpatico way was then used as a strong creative base upon which they added additional colouration by bringing occasional Orb member Youth on board, who then hooked the pair up with acclaimed composer Roger ‘Reverend’ Eno.

The album is set to be released on October 14th, 2016 on Kompakt Records.

Stream “5th Dimension” below

01/A1. First, Consider The Lillys
02/A2. Wireless MK2
03/A3. Siren 33 (Orphee Mirror)
04/A4. 4am Exhale (Chill Out, World!)
05/B1. 5th Dimensions
06/B2. Sex (Panoramic Sex Heal)
07/B3. 7 Oaks
08/B4. Just Because I Really Really Luv Ya
09/B5. 9 Elms Over River Eno (Channel 9)
10/B6. The 10 Sultans Of Rudyard (Moo Moo Mix)


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