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Tim Engelhardt shares 10 tracks from German producers

Photo Credit: Niels Freiheit

One of Cologne’s youngest and brightest electronic music stars on the rise, Tim Engelhardt didn’t gatecrash the scene out of leftfield, but started his path to connoisseurship fairly early on: trying to rewrite the piano pieces he had to practice at the tender age of eight, he showed an independent creative mind from the get-go – a character trait that would prove exremely helpful for a later career as electronic music producer. But it was only when Tim later discovered the releases of Cologne techno luminary Robert Babicz that synthesizers and bass drums moved into focus – a brilliant producer, live performer and mastering engineer with a keen sense for sonic detail, Babicz became the perfect role model for young Tim, inspiring our hero to seek out his own place in electronic music while honing a concise understanding for all facets of production.

Ahead of Tim’s performance at Barcelona’s fryhide showcase on July 19th, he has shared ten tracks of his favorite German producers. Grab your tickets here

1. Stimming – The Unicorn

“Stimming in his peak form. Can’t go wrong with the mesmerizing ‘The Unicorn'”

2. Johannes Heil – From Within

“That never-ending kind of arp, perfectly executed. One of my favorites from Johannes the past years, ‘From Within'”.

3. Code 718 – Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

“To me of the best Innervisions releases ever, maybe the best? Henrik Schwarz shapes Code 718’s into a delicate, piano-heavy affair that pulls all the strings for me”.

4. Robag Wruhme – Tulpa Ovi

“I love the sound aesthetic of this guy! This being one of my favorite dance LP’s in the past years, Robag has already topped it off with his newest ‘Venq Tolep’ LP. Heavily recommended!”

5. David August – Moving Day

“One of the simplest, but also one of the most amazing tracks from David August. I love his more recent works but none of it comes close in terms of impact on the dancefloor”.

6. Robert Babicz – Aural (Dub)

“This is one of the best dance floor records ever regarding its sound and tightness (to my ears). One of my go-to tracks to compare my mixdowns to”.

7. Lawrence – Tensui

“From Lawrence’s last LP ‘Yoyogi Park’ there’s this gem „Tensui“ which I adore a lot. Such a heavenly feeling here… great to listen to outdoors!”

8. Me Succeeds – Riemerling (Arp Aubert Remix)

“I used to listen to this so much when I started producing, listening back now, I feel like there’s room improvement still, anyway I love this Arp Aubert remix way too much. When you could get still get away with a 4-note bassline…”

9. HOSH – Ride

“My favorite fryhide release from HOSH. ‘Ride’ is an absolute journey. Defines the fryhide sound for me”.

10. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Tristesse

“According to statistics, this is the most played dance floor track on my phone. Honestly couldn’t think of a track that’s more worth to be on this list”.

Tim will be performing at the fryhide showcase on July 19th at Barcelona. Get your tickets here

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