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Tini Gessler shares 10 vibrant-style tracks

German DJ and producer, Tini Gessler, has been making waves in the global electronic music scene since her debut in 2013.

Photo Credit: Tini Gessler – Official

Born and bred in the club scene of her hometown, Tini has quickly catapulted her to international fame. She’s become a staple at iconic venues such as Pacha Barcelona’s terrace and became part of the elrow family in 2017.

Tini Gessler’s ability to command a dance floor, coupled with her peak-time sets and frequent bookings, have quickly advanced her to mainstage performances, where she enthralls thousands of fans.

By 2019, Tini had transitioned from a rising star to a global phenomenon. Her performances span the globe, from London’s Studio 338 to Amnesia, Ushuaïa, and Hï Ibiza, not to mention her regular appearances at some of the world’s most esteemed festivals.

Her music, a blend of house and techno, has found homes on revered labels like Drumcode, Kaluki, Toolroom, Sola, and Circus Recordings.

Tini’s skills were showcased at the techno flotilla event, a collaboration between Drumcode and The Yacht Week. As the momentum continues, she is now slated to perform at the Yacht Week x Ultra event in Croatia from July 13th to 19th, 2024. To mark the occasion, the artist has curated a list of her top tracks currently in rotation, reflecting her energetic and hypnotic style.

1. Anna Reusch – Nasty (Original Mix) 

“One of my favorite tracks lately, it’s very energetic with a type of vocal I personally like a lot with some psy elements.”

2. Tini Gessler – Acelerá (Extended Mix) 

“One of my latest releases, its vocals make it feel more techy/bassy, but once the bass kicks in, the sound is fast and kind of hypnotic.”

3. Bart Skills – Roll The Dice (Original Mix) 

“One of my most played ones, a perfect track with catchy vocal hooks in it, also some psy essence in there. It’s always a safe bet.”

4. Adam Beyer  – Desert Queen (Original Mix) 

“This is a banger, I normally play it in big festivals, especially when things get serious or I play a closing set. It’s a combination of a strong bass line, a special vocal, and a hypnotic melody.”

5. Rodi & Jota – Daruma (Original Mix) 

“Creates a cool hypnotic atmosphere, not peak time energy techno, but really cool one, a bit dark.”

6. Oliver Deutschmann – Dogma (Original Mix) 

“I love his hypnotic sound that persists during the whole track. It’s special, different. I just love it.”

7. – Disfreq – Batida (Original Mix) 

“My favorite Irish duo! I play a lot from them, extremely energetic track that put the dancefloor upside down and fits either when I play techno or tech house.”

8. Heerhorst – Wimbo (Original Mix) 

“The percussion of this track got me crazy, it’s an incredible vibe, some acid sounds, and makes me wanna be on the dancefloor rather than playing lol, proper rave track.”

9. Dennis Sheperd aka Dr.Drty – Oldskool

“I’m not a super fan of old-school melodic trance but I like how it’s mixed here with the new techno, it’s different!”

10. Sonickraft – Salem’s Lot (Extended Mix) 

“I know I went a bit melodic here, but I just like this track, how the melodies are combined with the darkness, it’s great when I want to give a break to the audience and create a nice atmosphere.”

Tini Gessler is set to perform at Yacht Week x Ultra event in Croatia from July 13th to 19th, 2024. Grab your tickets here.

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