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Victor Ruiz selects some of his favorite Drumcode tracks

For some years now, Victor Ruiz he has been known for his high-end quality of production, which has made him a stablished artist in the techno scene. His “unofficial edits” of classic songs are very famous and part of his performances. The most popular ones are ‘Breathe’ from The Prodigy, ‘Children’ from Robert Miles, ‘Everything Counts’ from Depeche Mode (in collaboration with Thomas Schumacher) and his latest edit of ‘Teardrop’ from Massive Attack. He states that this is his way to pay tribute to their influences.

Apart from remixing officially big names of the electronic scene such as MOBY, Stephan Bodzin and Dubfire, he has reached many times #1 on Beatport with his signature peak time melodic sound.

Over the years, the Brazilian born Berlin-based producer has been touring all around the world, from big festivals to intimate clubs and from big clubs to intimate festivals, and it’s getting busier every day. He just can’t get enough!

As Victor injects pure love on every single work he does, thanks to music, he exists.

Ahead of his performance at The Warehouse Project’s Drumcode showcase on October 19th, Victor Ruiz shares 10 favorites from the Adam Beyer’s label. For more info and tickets, click here.

1. Bart Skils – Lost Boys

“This track possibly my favourite from all the labels catalogue. It’s simple yet so powerful and anthemic. Since the very first time I listened to it, it changed me. Bart is an amazing producer and also one of my favourites, besides being one of the kindest human beings I’ve met in the business”.

2. Adam Beyer, Pig&Dan – Capsule

“Combine a hypnotic and beautiful melody with kickass drums and a massive synth-bass line. The result? This bomb. Played this one for so many years – and still do. Every time I listen to this one again is always fresh and inspiring”.

3. Jel Ford – Backyard

“If you need to set a dancefloor on fire and euphoria, this is the one. I still remember the first time I listened to this track and it blew my mind. Blew my fucking mind, man! Massively. Do yourself a favour and play this one loud!”

4. Joseph Capriati – Solar System

“Talking about playing things loud, what about this one? Such a strong tune this one is. The simplicity of the build-up, elements and the break, reminds me that to write a great track you don’t need much. Mega track!”

5. Renato Cohen – Pontapé (2013 Remake)

“As a Brazilian, I couldn’t be more proud about this release. The first artist from Brazil to release on Drumcode, with a kickass remake of this all-time classic: sounds like a match made in heaven. And it is. This track is constantly present on my sets, and it always gets better”.

6. Dense & Pika – Edging Forward

“If you know me a bit, you know I’m a sucker for heavy and dirty bass lines and also crazy about Rock ‘n’ Roll and Metal. And this song combines this within its attitude! On the break of it you will find probably one of the most amazing bass line synths to date. But wait, there’s more! The drum section of this track makes it all more intense and interesting: it is heavy, futuristic and driving. A dancefloor bomb!”

7. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal

“I remember the day I met Egbert. We played together at a club in south of Germany. I was listening to his live and at some point, he dropped this MEGA track that caught me off guard and it got stuck in my mind. I went to him to ask about it and he said, “this is a new track I did with Secret Cinema”. Went back home next day and tried to find the track to buy, couldn’t find it. Fast forward to the release day of this one, at least a year after that, I listened to it and yelled “HELL YES!!!”. That was the track I was looking for so long. Suck a killer!”

8. Pig&Dan – Mexico

“Igor and Dan are some of my favourite producers, and this track synthesises (no pun intended) all of that. A massive Techno track with an amazing freestyle melody played by a crazy synth. Gotta love this one!”

9. Thomas Schumacher – The Unseen

“My favourite track from Thomas hands down. I remember first time I heard this one, it blew my mind. I still play this baby and it rocks every time! Classic Shumacher’s sound!”

10. Maceo Plex – Conjure Dreams

“Last, but not least – far from least actually – there’s this gem from Maceo. This song is also one of my favourite tracks from Drumcode. The melodies, the sounds, the groove and the build-up of the track executed in perfection. This is one of those tunes that you can play every gig and people will lose their shit!”

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