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Vini Pistori drops 5 essential tips to produce a great remix

Vini Pistori is having lots of fun with his latest releases, especially on his position as a remixer. Just in November 3 remixes were produced: ‘Dissolv3d’ for Melon Blush, released by Not Another; ‘Rave New World’ for none other than Animal Trainer; and most recently ‘Gin Tônica’ for his fellow Brazilian Leo Janeiro via COCADA MUSIC.

Currently, Vini Pistori has been one of the main producers of indie dance in Brazil. In addition to the remixes above, he’s been invited to release through several important labels like Dantze, Secret Fusion, Mumbai Records, Paradiso Records, Calypso Records, and Warung Recordings, just to name a few.

Today, Vini Pistori shares 5 essential studio tips to produce great remix.

1. A remix is a remix. It’s not an original track.

I think that a remix should have elements from the original track. The main mindset to do a remix is to put your touch on a piece of music that already has its own history, and from there, build a parallel one. I recommend choosing a path that you like more than others when you start your remix project, it’ll help you to have a direction.

2. You need to be you

Provide your touch with elements and tones that showcase YOUR sound. You have your way of doing it. I mean, when you produce, you have that tone that you maybe already used in other tracks. That synth, that element you like so much and seems like you… Use this in your favor, it helps you give your personal touch.

3. Dedicate yourself to the fullest

Don’t save energy doing a good job just because it’s not your original, because it can be your tune and, most importantly, it will be in your history forever. Maybe this piece will open doors for you, help you get that dream gig or to release on that label that you want. Whatever that may be, do it with your heart. Do your best, always.

4. Be aware of your work

Respect the artist and label that invited you. They trust you and your work. Do your best always. Make the remix like it’s your original track: you put all your effort, care about the details, how it is sounding, that polish on hats, drums… You know, leaving it tight.

5. Be yourself

Show your personality, enjoy the process. Make the remix while you imagine yourself playing it at an amazing party, with people dancing and listening to it all the time. It’s your chance to give another face to this music, your mark. Maybe it can be better than the original. Just be your original version of this remix.

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