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10 Techno Picks from November

Once more, here is our list of techno tunes from the last month, featuring some well-known names as well as a few up-and-comers. Quality music all around, pushing the envelope of what’s expected of the style but still delivering those banging kicks. Presented in no particular order.

Maceo Plex – Mutant Robotics – Ellum

Maceo Plex continues his Mutant series with the melodic Mutant Robotics, on Ellum. The producer has created a winning concept that has given us some of the best techno music of the year so far, and this track is no exception.

Joyhauser – 1989 – Terminal M

Belgian duo Joyhauser turn out an impressively powerful debut EP on Terminal M with 4 steaming techno tracks. 1989 stands out for its raw simplicity and stabbing synths, backed by a hectic martial rhythm.

Hannes Bieger – Scoria – Bedrock

The Stars EP, from this skilled and sought-after engineer, is a tasteful collection of 3 original tracks and a dub version of the title cut. While keeping with the chilled atmosphere of the EP, Scoria nonetheless carries a mean bass-line, driving the rhythm forward while synths and effects interact and intertwine as the main melody rises and falls.

Weska – Stellar Tidal Disruption – Filth On Acid

This intense track is impossible to miss thanks to its massive, rising and falling bassline, sweeping away all those who might happen to be on the dancefloor when it´s dropped.

Matt Sassari – Leroy – Pantere Musique

Leading with his trademark pounding kicks, Matt Sassari´s Leroy carries a monster groove, aided by effective vocal samples and a menacing synth line that comes from out of nowhere.

Vonda7 – On Fire – Kneaded Pains

A versatile music lover from Poland that has trotted Europe playing and learning the ropes of different styles, Vonda7 finally settled in Berlin, from where she unleashes beasts like this track, keeping her impressive production skills at the highest level.

Raito – 002 – Suara

Suara keeps putting out quality techno records from new faces in the scene, bringing booming kicks and smart melodies together for a unique sound. In this case, French producer Raito offers his take on this side of techno with the Ikaruga EP, including the epic track 002.

Layton Giordani – Black Mirror – Drumcode

With a synth riff that harks back to the glory days of rave, Black Mirror, from the Phase II EP,  is a moving track that recalls dark, foggy forests lit up by stroboscopic lights.


Dok & Martin – The Evil Laugh – Transmit

Full of energy and purpose, Dok & Martin´s The Evil Laugh carries a groove that builds and explodes throughout the track, along with a spooky laugh and vocals mixed in.


Electric Rescue – Knofeb – New Rhythmic

French techno producer Electric Rescue continues his prolific output with the Limit of Social Norms EP, out on Newrhythmic Records. Nothing about his music is ordinary or unoriginal, as the 5 tracks all enter into unchartered techno territory guided by his skilled hand. Knofeb is deep and disturbing, with sounds that feel either alien or underwater blanketed by a thick layer of distortion.

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