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10 tracks that rocked the Resistance Ibiza dancefloor

Photo Credits: Resistance

The seventh week of Resistance Ibiza brought a quality lineup to Privilege Club including some heavyweights like Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, Sasha & Digweed, Hot Since 82, Charlotte de Witte, Josh Wink, and Popof. Through the night we selected some of the tracks that stand out played by the different guests.

1. Alan Fitzpatrick & Wheats – M27 (Original Mix) – Toolroom Records

“From Drumcode, Hotflush to Cocoon, Alan Fitzpatrick is known for his thumping techno and energy-driven DJ sets. Combine that with Wheats’ heavy hitting drums and distinctive sound and the result is a peak-time dance floor bomb. A simple, but catchy 90’s lead on the breakdown, combined with a “say yeah” repeating vocal, backed with a huge build up. This one left a trail of devastation in its path”.

2. Dominik Stuppy – Deep Inside (Marleen Polakowski Remix) – Artificial Underground Records

“You like it hard? Enquire within. A delayed, simple & repeated synth line throughout (did I mention catchy as hell?). Topped up with pads, coupled with a thudding reverberated kick drum. Halfway through an acid like ARP comes in to knock you off your balance. 5AM @ Resistance, YES PLEASE”.

3. Victor Ruiz – The Eye Of The Beholder (Original Mix) – Noir Music

“A percussion enthused heavy hitter. Beginning with different percussive sounds smacking you in the face left and right, building into a chunky roller. Darting synth stabs float around just as the 909 open high hat comes in. They never fail to get me excited, despite being 35 years old (and the drum machine). A long breakdown, with more random sounds panning across the track, dropping with an awesome and raw lead. A huge atmospheric track that suits the huge 10,000 capacity club”.

4. UMEK – Keep Bustin’ – 1605

“RAW. Immensely catchy synth line over 2 bars, with a huge white noise build-up, before a reverse kick drum slams the track into full motion. Shifting drums that wouldn’t keep any listener still and give them that ‘bass face’ look. ‘Keep Bustin’”.

5. Stereo Express – Agatha – Love Matters 

“Where do I start? This song resonated on me so strongly it’s been on repeat since! After big successes with Aquiver, this is nothing but a masterpiece. Mesmerizing synth harmonies, coupled with lustful strings amongst a beautiful vocal. At 02:44, this had me running to YouTube to listen to “Ratty – Sunrise” an old tech trancer from 2000. Something was so satisfyingly similar. Ratty is “Scooter”. Every day is a learning day 😉 If you like Tales of Us / Afterlife music, ‘Agatha’ will not disappoint”.

6. Sydney Blue – Give It Up For Me – Mau5trap Recordings

“When you’re playing around with your synthesizer for hours, with no particular goal. Just twisting knobs and pressing keys. You flick a switch and then all of a sudden you know you’ve found a crown jewel. Well, that is the bassline on ‘Give It Up For Me’. Heavy punching Deadmau5 kick drums (go read Discogs) followed up with a freaky synth topper later on in the track, this is a groover. I recently learnt an American term “fresh to death”. A term used to describe something that is so good, it’s unexplainable”.

7. Maceo Plex – Mirror Me Feat. C.A.R (Dark Dub) – Kompakt 

“9 minutes of musical adventure. A driving bassline, laden with a synth stab that sounds like Flat Eric himself (for the Levi/Mr. Oizo fans out there). A huge Enigma style vocal comes in (Enigma, the band – Think male monk vocals in a church with a 4×4 beat), before a build up to a monotone women saying “Those of us, hesitate, watch me, watching you. We both know, what’s on your plate, we share a birds eye view.” Dropping into some huge, big room techno. Another thumbs up from this side of the dance floor”.

8. Egbert – Haasten (10 Jaar LIVE Remix) – Gem Records

“Aliens on acid with rapid fire ray guns. This feel like you’re running around laser quest on ecstasy. Or maybe someone put horse tranquiliser in my rum & coke and it was actually just the lasers of Privilege and amazing music. Either way, this totally f*cked me up, so go listen. You won’t be disappointed”.

9. Belocca – All I Want To Do – Mainground Music

“Heavy flexed, slamming, deep dark and dirty kick from the off. Slowly coming into a fiery and groovy, uplifting piano track. Carl Cox at his finest. Easily moving between house & techno with not an eyebrow raised from the crowd. Overwhelming pads until the breaking into an old skool vocal, sampled from ‘DSK – What Would We Do’. A huge snare builds, with that forefront piano drop. No creature on the dance floor isn’t 2 stepping and fist pumping away”.

10. Yousef & Harry Romero ft. Chuck Roberts – Genesis – Circus Records

“The legendary Harry Romero, from Erick Morillos ‘Subliminal Records’ pairs with Yoursef’s ‘Circus Records’ to collaborate and produce this tripping groove bomb. This number is right up Coxys street. With Yousef & Romero sampling “Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It” in places and using the one and only Chuck Roberts himself to add the flavor, they’ve produced what could only be described as a dance floor weapon. Seriously huge energy and uplifting funky chunk, a huge HELLO back to the original 80’s of house music, with a twist ;). “Jack boldly declared, ‘let there be house’ and house music was born”.

Amen brothers and sisters. See you on the dancefloor.

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