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1500 DJs Join The #PlasticFreeParty Movement

1500 DJs join the #PlasticFreeParty movement

The initiative led by Blond:ish is committed to a greener future.

Richie Hawtin, ANNA, Pete Tong, Honey Dijon, Ben Klock, Patrick Topping, Cassy, ​​Sven Väth, Nicole Moudaber, Eats Everything, Annie Mac, and Archie Hamilton are some of the 1500 artists who have signed up for the #PlasticFreeParty movement promoted by Bye Bye Plastic, requesting an eco-rider without single-use plastic in their DJ booth.

Bye Bye Plastic, directed by Vivie-Ann Bakos, also known as Blond:ish, aims to quickly eliminate single-use plastics from the music industry by 2025. The intention of this movement is for the eco-rider to become a standard of the music industry, to promote positive changes guided by sustainable measures.

“We are at an absolutely crucial moment in evolution, where change is in the air and silence does not bring change. Change is driven by movements. Movements thrive in the community, creativity, participation and idealism”, she commented.

Join Bye Bye Plastic mission here.

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