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2Vilas – Numbers (Organic Music)

2Vilas – Numbers (Organic Music)

Ibiza’s 2Vilas drop a typically ruff and ready EP on Organic Music.  Deep but main room house music which pairs heavy as you like bass drums with subtle melody and catchy synth work that elevates it on the dancefloor.

The record has its roots firmly in the club,  which is no surprise with the boys involved with Organic all playing at the likes of Rex Club and other massive places across Spain, France and Germany.  This EP is probably the most upfront material we have seen from the label so far, and it fits perfectly into there culture but no-nonsense house music ideals.

The EP features four tracks with a numbered theme, 2112 / 4224 / 6446 and 8668 and you get a nice range of classic deep house cuts,  samples chords, spoken word and melodic combos and deeper groovier affairs.  The EP is already hitting the top of the charts on Decks and Juno. Just hitting the shops now after a hefty delay…Don’t Sleep on this one.

2Vilas’ ‘Numbers’ EP is already available on Organic Music.

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