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5 tracks to elucidate the sound essence of Words Not Enough label

Understand the sound pillars of Edu Schwartz and AWKA’s curatorship from the selections by the label.

After identifying the natural sound tuning in some presentations they made side by side, Edu Schwartz and AWKA founded Words Not Enough in mid-2020, a Brazilian label where one can find deep and dreamy sounds, which float from deep house to the most enigmatic House with tribal vibes and tracks with organic characteristics.

The name, easily interpretable, comes from the eternal premise that “when words are not enough to express yourself, it’s music that fills and gives meaning to life”. The label team is getting ready to release a new N’pot EP with a remix by Peve, on April 29th, but so you know what to expect, we’ve put aside five tracks that exemplify very well the sound essence of Words Not Enough:

1. Rocket Love – Valdovinos

The person in charge of launching WNE was the Argentine Valdovinos, with the track ‘Rocket Love’, which was supported by Hernan Cattaneo in the virtual edition of Burning Man. With a melodic and progressive dimension, the track gave a vivacious start to the label’s work.

2. Creator of Souls – Edu Schwartz

‘Creator of Souls’ is Schwartz’s first solo track on the label and he delivered it flawlessly. He bet on a balance between synthetic layers and instruments, creating a track with refreshing textures.

3. Bioma – AWKA, Gaa Dream

From an ethnic and enigmatic atmosphere, the producers built the sound identity of ‘Bioma’, with elements carefully positioned, so that the track develops involving the listener — or dancefloor.

4. Wonderful Darkness – Peve

‘Wonderful Darkness’, by the producer Peve, is an authentic dancefloor track, which differs in countless characteristics. Among them, is the deep vibration that is built under a bass line that runs through fast drums, while exuberant synthesizers lead the dance.

5. About Humanism – GRIFE

The duo, from Curitiba, GRIFE uses percussive grooves as the basis for a stunning musical journey that they propose in ‘About Humanism’ through orchestral, hypnotic, and ethereal elements to generate a powerful harmony.

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