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8 Years Of Fuse

8 Years of Fuse

When talking about music and raving, all sorts of adjectives and metaphors have been used to describe, communicate, elaborate. The most sophisticated, the smartest, the most poetic. Sometimes the cruelest. Yet for certain things in music, it comes down to the art of keeping it simple and authentic, modern yet deeply rooted, genuine yet bomb.


This is what it’s about when it comes to Fuse London. Anyone will tell you, and the Fuse people themselves. It’s all about the key ingredients to a high quality rave. The music, the crowd, the sound system.

Created by DJ and producer Enzo Siragusa and Tony Canatella, the East London collective has celebrated its 8th anniversary this Autumn, with a European tour of 8 cities which took them through Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, among others. And of course a grand finale in their East London home at Village Underground, where they have been holding those legendary bi-weekly Sunday parties since 2013— the party was previously hosted at Shoreditch club 93 Feet East from 2008.

Eight years. Time during which it has grown from a free Sunday morning after after party to one of the most popular brand on the Rave scene, throwing over 300 events over the years. And not only in London or in the UK. With an Amnesia Ibiza residency, two labels — Fuse and Infuse – resident artists among the best in the scene and collaborations with the biggest names in the industry, the Shoreditch boys have been growing their hold in whole of Europe.


Fuse started off from a crew of likeminded ravers, boys from the dance floor who wanted to gather the best of the best of the Rave culture in London. If the music has evolved, the philosophy behind it remained the same it has always been. Come as you are. Dance. Have a laugh. Repeat. At Fuse you will find all sorts of people. The one thing you all have in common, the same idea of what a real party should be, East London style. No fuss, no attitude. Just a few hundred ravers who want to have a ball.

Now if you have been living in cave for the past 8 years and need a description of what Fuse music is, think rolling bass lines, dubby sound, punching kicks and gruff grooves. Those who have followed the crew since its first hours will tell you their sound did evolve since its inception in 2008. If you give a listen to Fuse and Infuse catalog over the years, you will see it evolved with coherence, consistence and commitment, staying true to its original vision.

The ingredients to what has been the maturation of a group of raving lads to a roster that contains among the most talented producers and DJs of their generation? The talent and hard work its founders, of course the residents that have been part of it from day one: Seb Zito, Archie Hamilton, Rossko, just to name a few.And while the Fuse roster has been keeping its closely-knit core over the years, a few additions like Ferro, the oh-so-talented Dutchman, have been resounding recruits.

Add heavyweights supports such as Loco Dice and tINI, who have been closely following the London crew, and a privileged relationship with HYTE, you will understand the success of Fuse it’s not a flash in the pan. By dint of talent, artistic vision, hard work and commitment to its values, Fuse has come a long way, and Fuse is here to stay.

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