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A Guy Called Gerald crowdfunds for legal help with royalties dispute

Rham Records allegedly uploaded Simpson’s music without his permission.

Gerald Simpson, best known as A Guy Called Gerald, has set up a Crowdfund seeking to raise capital in order to fight back against the exploitation of his music by Rham Records.

‘As ‘Voodoo Ray’ raced to No.12 in the charts, I had to live in a squat, work at McDonald’s, and give interviews out of phone boxes. Yet the guys running the label, selling my music, never paid me a single penny for my part in the label’s success,’ explains Simpson on his Cowrdfund page.

‘Can you imagine the frustration? Acid House’s summer of love was in full swing and all I could think about was survival, while these guys spent the next four years exploiting my music. They ditched the label in 1992 and everything went quiet until 2019 when the nightmare started up again,’ he adds.

Rham Records re-surfaced back in 2019, allegedly uploading Simpson’s music to streaming platforms without the artist’s consent.

Simpson is now seeking to raise $27, 825 (£20,000) in order to cover legal fees as ‘there is no agreement between me and this new company, verbal or otherwise’.

You can learn more about Simpson’s plea here.

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