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A ON: “It all started with jamming and having fun”

Under his stage name A ON, Eduardo Noya Schreus, the live electronic performing artist formerly known as NOIA, is set to reveal a new musical project. A ON’s live set blends techno with elements of acid house, trance, EDM, and 90’s keyboard sounds.

Photo credit: A ON – Official

In addition to his expertise with the Octatrack and 303, he incorporates live vocals and a performative human touch, bringing dynamism to his analog live setup. A ON is not only a producer and performer of electronic dance music but also a visual artist and clothing designer. With his diverse talents, A ON offers a unique perspective to electronic music.

In this interview, A ON provides insights into his music career, early influences, and the inspirations he draws from everyday life to fuel his creativity.

EG: Hello A ON, how’s it going?

A ON: I’m good! thanks.

EG: To begin, tell us, what inspired you to pursue a music career?

A ON: It became more serious once official stuff started happening, like playing festivals and seeing my projects progress. So, I don’t think one thing inspired me to make music. It all started with jamming and having fun.

EG: Who were your initial inspirations? Were there any particular artists you would say were instrumental in introducing you to electronic music?

A ON: If I can mention some from my early teenage years, I’d say The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, ‘Tranceport I’ mixed by Paul Oakenfold, Faithless, and Carl Cox. But the one that still sticks with me is Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ album.

“It all started with jamming and having fun”

EG: How would you say attending live performances inspires you?

A ON: Live performances are the most inspiring experiences, especially if it’s a great venue where you can feel the loud music going through your body. Also, the fact that you can see the person performing live makes it much more special than listening to a record at home, especially if there’s a lot of action in the performance.

EG: Can you tell us what keeps you motivated to create?

A ON: I always keep trying new things and feel there’s so much more to discover.

EG: Would you say your musical taste has changed since you started producing?

A ON: My taste has changed, as has the way I approach music production.

EG: What about A ON do you hope inspires budding producers?

A ON: I would say the fact that I use hardware equipment to play live would be one, and also, the way I make music has my own signature, which can offer something new to listen to.

EG: Do you ever take inspiration outside of music? If so, where?

A ON: I do a lot! Nature and people can be inspirational.

“Be yourself, don’t try to fit in, and don’t try to sound like somebody else”

EG: Who are your biggest musical inspirations now?

A ON: My inspirations are so varied they don’t necessarily align with what my music sounds like! I’ve been listening to Overmono, Blawan, and even a post-rock/metal band called Deafheaven.

EG: What inspirational tips or advice do you wish you had known when you started your career? Do you have any words of wisdom for those hoping to pursue a music career?

A ON: I wish I had been mentored to improve my music mixing skills in the past, but nowadays, you can find everything online to get help! As for words of wisdom, I would say just be yourself, don’t try to fit in, and don’t try to sound like somebody else. Find your specialty and your sound.

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