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A Quiet Gathering Share Video Of Their New Album

A Quiet Gathering share video of their new album

The LP is entitled ‘Moments In A Time Of Certainty’.

A Quiet Gathering, an ensemble of musicians who have spent several years playing together and experimenting with acoustic and electronic instruments, are preparing the release of their new album focusing on neo-classical and electronica sounds but containing a strong live element.

‘Moments In A Time Of Certainty’ is about being present in a moment physically, mentally and artistically together. The project was recorded over a year, in three, four-day sessions. All aspects of the LP, composition, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, and art direction, have been handled directly by them.

In order to celebrate the new record, A Quiet Gathering have directed a video that plays into the somewhat hypnotic emotion of the track ‘Four Silent Days’.

The album will be out digitally on October 18th and physically on November 18th.

Watch the video below.

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