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Aalson – Nightcall – Labo T

Aalson – Nightcall – Labo T

One of France’s rising live acts, Aalson, has been turning heads in style with a unique blend of cinematic textures and throbbing techno, sharing stages with the likes of Extrawelt, Kevin de Vries, Konstantin Sibold, and Kiasmos, while releasing on labels like Sinners, Click Records, and Steyoyoke. Expanding his musical catalog, the musician now lands on Labo T with ‘Nightcall’, a gripping affair that evolves into a driving call to arms.

In dazzling fashion, Aalson conjures a memorable intro, that etches into the listener, as he summons an ominous tide of drones that intertwine, rising like waking limbs. It’s a wailing, something that mobilizes in a visceral motion. For all its cinematic prowess, it still feels intimate, like sirens calling, as it transforms, paving the way for a grandiose second act.

As the tide subdues, a break in the skies becomes the only way out, and pulses manifest, as the track transitions into a growling, state-of-the-art techno piece. Fully awake, the creation takes on a mind of its own, breaking free from the shackles that once constrained it, guided by sheer desire as synthlines meander across a Vanta-black frame for a mesmerizing creation that defies the imagination.

To keep expanding and exploring a genre that has over 40 years in the making by disregarding pre-conceived notions and still manage to sound original is nothing short of a true feat these days, but Aalson manages to do so with temple and flair, in what is a memorable call to the dancefloors.

Aalson’s ‘Nightcall’ is out now via Labo T. Stream and buy here.

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