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Ableton Live Presents Its New Version, 10

Ableton Live presents its new version, 10

Ableton Live 10 arrives with a renewed design and new tools that users will appreciate.

The Ableton developer has announced ‘Live 10’, the next version of its popular music production software. Live 9, the last major Ableton update, came out in 2013 along with the debut of ‘Push’, a hardware controller with 64 pads designed to play and set rhythms.

There are many new and notable changes in Live version 10. Additionally to a renewed interface design and navigation, Ableton is introducing four new add-ons, the tools used for everything from sound creation to signal processing, which will be standard with the software:

Wavetable, a synthesizer that promises “flexible and deep modulation”; Echo, a multipurpose delay unit to add texture; Drum Buss, an all-in-one battery tool, and Pedal, which provides overdrive and warm distortion.

Some previous add-ons have received updates: now Utility has an improved gain range and the possibility of mono bass separately, EQ Eight and Split Stereo Pan have extended low-frequency slopes for more precise control.

We also hope it includes a new sound library.

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