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Acid House Pioneer DJ Pierre To Release First Studio Album

Acid house pioneer DJ Pierre to release first studio album

German label Get Physical just announced that is releasing the first studio album by American artist DJ Pierre, Chicago house luminary recognized as one of the first producers to create sounds of acid house with his Roland TR-303, this as part of the trio Phuture, alongside to DJ Spank-Spank and Herb J.

Entitled ‘Wild Pitch: The Story’, the seventeen-track LP collects originals and remixes old and new, and stands as a testament to the unique skill of one of dance music’s old school most important figures.

DJ Pierre career goes back to the 80’s when his music revolution took the scene taking him to play all over the world and releasing hundreds of productions under various aliases like Doomsday, Prime One, Raving Lunatics, ACID FACE and many more.

Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Disco’ and his own ‘Generate Power’ are included on the album, that also features his friend and music legend Marshall Jefferson on the house anthem ‘House Music’.

‘Wild Pitch: The Story’ will be released November 24th on Get Physical Music.

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