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Acid Pauli Reveals New EP On Ouïe Music

Acid Pauli reveals new EP on Ouïe Music

Showcasing his dance floor prowess yet again.

‘Had To Get Rid Of Some Shit’ is the name of the most recent Acid Pauli EP. The material was published via Ouïe Music, a label he co-manages with his friend Nico Stojan.

The 4-track release is full of psychedelic, dark, deep sounds, striking percussions, contagious loops and a lot of groove.

Listen to ‘Had To Get Rid Of Some Shit’ below. You can buy the EP in digital here and vinyl here.


1. Dancing In The Trunk
2. Goran Utan
3. Shakmat But Happy (Pauli’s Psychedelic Breakfast – Take 9)
4.  Edging In Den Trunk

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