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Inside Acrobat’s sound: From Koh Phangan to SoundFocus

Acrobat has made a name for himself by headlining underground parties on Koh Phangan island, including Guy’s Bay, Eden Garden, and LightHouse. His performances and distinct sound have cemented his place in Asia’s electronic music scene.

Photo credit: Acrobat – Official

Acrobat’s style blends melodic house, techno, and progressive elements. He effortlessly navigates these genres, staying attuned to the latest underground trends. His sound features deep tech grooves, rolling basslines, hypnotic percussions, and melodic, atmospheric synths.

EG had the chance to sit with Acrobat to chat about his latest releases, future projects, and endeavors. During the interview, Acrobat shared insights into his inspiration for ‘Tribe Vibe,’ his journey of starting the SoundFocus label, and the challenges of balancing underground integrity with commercial appeal.

EG: Hi Acrobat and welcome to EG. Congratulations on the release of ‘Tribe Vibe’! Can you share the inspiration behind this track and how it reflects your signature sound?

Acrobat: Thanks for the invite. As a DJ, my inspiration is always to discover fresh vibes that ignite the dancefloor. As a producer, I aim for pure dance energy—rolling basslines, dynamic percussion, vibrant synths, and catchy samples. ‘Tribe Vibe’ came together when everything clicked, especially with the saxophone riff and bassline.

EG: ‘Tribe Vibe’ is dropping on your label, SoundFocus. What inspired you to start your own label, and how has the journey been so far?

Acrobat: It was time to share my musical vision. The production process accelerated, yielding a variety of tracks, some for other labels, some exclusive to SoundFocus. Collaborating with talented friends adds depth to our label’s distinctive sound, it’s just the beginning.

EG: What has been the most challenging aspect of running a label?

Acrobat: It’s early days, but maintaining a balance between underground integrity and commercial appeal without succumbing to trends is crucial.

EG: The remix of ‘Tribe Vibe’ by DILBY has garnered great feedback and entered the Top 50 Beatport charts. How did this collaboration come about, and what impressed you most about the remix?

Acrobat: I’ve long admired DILBY’s work, and his deep house touch on the remix injected more funk and groove, perfect for prime-time sets, it’s outstanding.

EG: Can you shed light on your creative process? How do you typically start a track, and what tools or techniques do you favor?

Acrobat: I start fresh with each track, no templates, just following the flow. Ableton Live is my go-to, offering endless creative possibilities. Recently, I’ve explored Max for Live devices, MIDI manipulation, and online sample services for fresh rhythms and missing elements.

“Maintaining a balance between underground integrity and commercial appeal without succumbing to trends is crucial”

EG: How do you prepare for performances, and what do you aim to convey to your audience?

Acrobat: I curate sets across genres—like an artist selecting colors for a painting—to adapt to any vibe or moment. Music should flow naturally, reflecting energy and emotion without constraint.

EG: SoundFocus is known for its pulse on underground trends. How do you stay current, and what do you look for in signing new artists?

Acrobat: Our label, an extension of my podcast journey, seeks timeless, stylish tracks that resonate beyond fleeting trends, music that leaves a lasting impact on the dancefloor.

EG: What can we expect from you and SoundFocus in upcoming months?

Acrobat: Expect dancefloor magic, each release featuring an Acrobat original and a remix from a favorite producer.

EG: How do you juggle producing, managing SoundFocus, and performing globally?

Acrobat: Balancing time between studio work and shows is challenging, but I prioritize, studio early in the week, and shows on weekends. Discovering new music happens on the go.

“Music should flow naturally, reflecting energy and emotion without constraint”

EG: Besides electronic music, what other genres or artists influence your work?

Acrobat: While I’ve focused on electronic, I appreciate classic funk, rock, and electronica, they’re always inspiring.

EG: What’s your dream venue to play at?

Acrobat: Many venues inspire me, but each gig is a new challenge. I focus on the journey rather than a specific venue.

EG: Let’s get creative: If you could request anything on your hospitality rider, what would it be?

Acrobat: A private jet for friends and family. I usually travel light!

EG: Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring DJs and producers finding their unique sound?

Acrobat: Stay authentic, follow your passion, and the rest will flow naturally.

EG: Thanks for your time, and best of luck!

Acrobat’s ‘Tribe Vibe’ is now available on SoundFocus. Stream and download here.

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