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Actress presents new album ‘LXXXVIII’

Out now on Ninja Tune.

Photo credit: BlackCountryType

Renowned artist Actress has recently released his latest album entitled ‘LXXXVIII’ on Ninja Tune.

The LP’s name, which is derived from the Roman numerals for ’88’, pays tribute to a previous release and symbolizes infinity, showcasing the interconnectedness within his artistic practice.

While creating ‘LXXXVIII’, Actress delved into game theory, a field often associated with economics and chess. This strategic thinking greatly influenced the album. The avant-garde track ‘Push Power (a1)’ serves as the opening move, setting the foundation for the entire album. Each subsequent move contributes to the development and evolution of the music, as evidenced by the textured layers throughout. Cunningham describes ‘(a1) – The first move’ as a considerate initiation of the artistic journey.

The album also includes the dream-like composition ‘It’s Me (g8) / Oway (f7)’ and the track ‘Game Over (e1)’ as the closing move. The strategic nature of chess mirrors Actress’ creative process in the studio and the challenges that shaped the creation of ‘LXXXVIII’.

Listen to ‘LXXXVIII’ below and grab your copy here.

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