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Adana Twins: “It’s always something special when we play the entire night”

Straight outta “Hamburg house city”, Adana Twins has established themselves as one of the top talents to emerge from the German media capital. Placing repeatedly in the pole position on every house chart, the duo of Take It Easy and Friso have found their way into the hearts and souls of their fans, while comfortably establishing their own sound where sleek beats and clever sampling are only a small piece of a bigger musical vision.

Electronic Groove: Over the coming months you will be performing across Germany at the likes of Greenfields Open Air Festival, Sonnemondsterne.XX and Uebel & Gefährlich. Can you tell us how crowds in Germany stand out compared to the rest of the world?

Adana Twins: I think it’s difficult to speak about “the” German crowd in general. One thing that is for certain however is that we have a strong tradition in terms of electronic music here in Germany, which makes it special to play over here. People discover niches and trends early on and often are quite well informed. Talking about Uebel+Gefährlich, being at home is different; it’s almost familiar – and something that we always particularly look forward to.

Electronic Groove: You often play marathon DJ sets; how do you prepare for these compared with a more conventional set time?

Adana Twins: It’s always something special when we play the entire night because we get to play for a really long time and can be diverse in our selection. It’s cool because you get the chance to show different facets, and of course, you need to have more music for that. I am always happy because it gets me to look for more new music and to do so more intensively. This also pushes our sets forward more than usual, because we pay much more attention to what is happening around us.

Electronic Groove: What song is currently having the best reaction in your sets?

Adana Twins: This always sounds a bit silly of course, but we have a lot of new tracks that we play out on a regular basis and that we enjoy, but that also have a great reception from the audience.

Electronic Groove: Which do you prefer: festivals or clubs? And why?

Adana Twins: They both have their perks: of course it’s incredibly cool to play in front of so many people, often outdoors and in beautiful locations. However, in clubs you are closer to the audience and you get the chance to make a completely different impact on them – especially when you get the chance to play for longer.

Electronic Groove: What’s your best festival experience?

Adana Twins: We played at a cool little festival in the middle of Mexico, it was night time and we were actually completely exhausted, as we had played beforehand and hadn’t slept much. The place was almost magical. We played on a sort of peninsula, with a crystal clear brook around us and the crowd right on the other side. We were only supposed to play for 3 hours, but the DJ after us didn’t make it and the promoter asked if we could just carry on. As soon as the sun came up everybody jumped in the water and swam to us. It really was an amazing moment!

Electronic Groove: What’s your favourite country to play in and why?

Adana Twins: I find it quite hard to pick a specific country. Often it’s also about specific places or clubs, which have a totally unique vibe, such as the Warung Beach Club in Brazil. We will have the honour to play one of our AllNIIGHT shows there in October. It will definitely be a huge party!

Electronic Groove: What does the rest of the summer hold for the Adana Twins?

Adana Twins: Besides the many smaller and bigger festivals, we have a tour in Latin America coming up in the next few weeks, which I am really looking forward to. We will also be playing in Nicaragua for the first time, amongst others.

Electronic Groove: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you are working on?

Adana Twins: We are spending a lot of time in the studio at the moment, which is really good fun. We allow ourselves a lot of time to try new things out. Many things are already finished as well, but unfortunately we cannot say yet when and where it will come out, thus definitely best to keep eyes and ears open. 😉

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