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ADE To Tackle Sexual Missconduct In Digital Conferences

ADE to tackle sexual missconduct in digital conferences

Emerging scenes in Africa, publishing rights, and other subjects will be discussed as well.

The Amsterdam Dance Event is kicking off this month by taking on some of the industry’s most pressing issues throughout their digital conference program. Joined by professionals from organizations including AFEM, Conflux Connect, Native Instruments, Netflix, and the University of Portsmouth, ADE will be diving deep into gender discrimination, the lack of intersectionality, and sexual misconduct in the electronic music industry

Engaging in one of today’s most relevant topics in the electronic music scene (and quite possibly worldwide), Jori Lowery – head of Conflux Connect – will be joining ADE Pro to tackle strategies and solutions surrounding sexual misconduct in the music industry.

‘I mean if you haven’t noticed today, people sitting behind their computers just talking. Which is fine but it’s like the wheels are spinning and just spinning while it breeds negativity and hate. If you want to stop something you physically have to do it with an action… so as what some are doing means well, it will not eliminate it because it needs to be done through education and training. I’m a huge advocate for drug safety and definitely physical/mental safety. I’m trying so hard to have our industry respected. If we let these wheels spin for too long it will destroy our image more and more! We have to rise up!’, further explains Jori about the need to take this subject head-on.

Lowery will also be introducing attendees to OutsmartNYC, defining sexual violence and its catastrophic effects on individuals, and answering hard questions such as why victims may not want to come forward, how to encourage victims to feel safe regardless, and the proper procedures for handling situations such as these.

‘I am working with an awesome nonprofit organization based in NYC called OutSmartNYC. They are all professionals working for the city. They do training and workshops. We need active solutions for this very important movement in our community. The more we can educate people, train our staff, artists and have people at events the sooner we can know what to look out for, how to handle a proper situation with sexual violence and take this very seriously. Rape is a crime, sexual violence is not tolerated on all sides. The safer we make our industry, the sooner we will eliminate sexual violence’, says Lowery about OutsmartNYC.

Meanwhile, the Nyege Nyege Festival from Uganda will offer first-hand insight into the many emerging scenes across Africa, and with the help of two specialist publishers, ADE plans to dissect the pressurized situation surrounding publishing splits between writers and big-name DJs.

You can purchase your ADE Digital Pro Pass here.

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