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All Day I Dream brings its magic to Los Angeles on New Years Day

It’s almost the New Year and what better way to start it off than Lee Burridge’s event series, All Day I Dream. Over the last 6 years this music gathering has brought together a great community of friends, music lovers and beautiful souls to celebrate the beginning of the new year. The vibe driven musical exposé has taken the reigns the past few years as the party to attend.

In Lee’s own words, “We’ve been seeking out a new venue for All Day I Dream all year long in L.A and finally have found one. Actually a year after our last event. It’s such a brilliant way to start the New Year and I’m usually smiling until, at least, the fourth“.


Lee Burridge and his talented cast of dream-weaving invite u to join a nine hour sonic journey that takes place at LA’s Chinatown, Gin Ling Way. Joined by Hoj and Gorje & Izhevski, the event definitely offers a most blissful and positive start to 2017.

Already enjoying its sixth year, All Day I Dream has grew cult like status in the US while simultaneously growing a loyal, passionate community of dreamers elsewhere across the globe. This represents a return to the simplest of things, broad smiles beaming from the faces of the beautiful souls who embrace this movement. So groovers and dreamers we can’t wait to see those beautiful smiles under the clouds this 1st of January.

For more info and tickets visit here.

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