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Adrian Roman shares 5 key studio tips

Born and raised in Spain, Adrian Roman has quickly emerged from his country’s avant-garde electronic music landscape. Noted for his attention to detail, obscure musicality and inventive drum arrangements, Adrian’s craft shines through vividly, making each one of his creations an absorbing experience. A 2021 debut on ISOLATE foreshadowed what has been a breakout year for the fast-rising phenom. A string of well-received projects for MoBlack, Radikon, and Melodic Diggers Equanimity imprint have yielded play from Dixon, Fideles, Frankey & Sandrino, Innellea, Toto Chiavetta, and Trikk. Now continuing on this explorative path, Adrian makes his microCastle debut with a four-track showcase entitled ‘Disturbing the Perception’.

To celebrate the release of his ‘Disturbing The Perception’ EP on microCastle, Adrian Roman invites EG into his studio for 5 production tips:

1. Don’t forget the mixdown

Maybe it’s not the funniest part of the production process, but the mixdown is ​​a crucial step in order to put all your vision into the song. Learn about sound engineering and understand that there is creativity in the mix, it’s another weapon for you.

2. Use long loops

Loops are the basis of electronic music, but that doesn’t mean it has to sound repetitive. Try creating long and shifting loops to get a more organic feel to your sound. This will add quality to your songs. You can also try making loops of different durations than the conventional ones. This will give your songs an unpredictable effect.

3. Don’t choose between organic or analog music

You don’t need to choose between organic or analog sounds when you can have both. Record sounds and create your own processing to create unique results. Saturation, reverbs and the stereo imager will be your friends for this.

4. Revisit yourself

When you return to an idea that you left parked a long time ago, dump all the new knowledge that you have acquired. You have to be your biggest critic. For the creation of ‘Lady Hester’, for example, I used an idea that I started two years ago and I only used the break melody. I felt that I could do something better with the rest of the track.

5. Beware of tips

It is paradoxical, but this is my last piece of advice. As in all aspects of life, always be guided by your common sense first. Many producers explain to you how they produce but not how it would be the best way for you. Keep from them what helps you the most and delete the rest.

Adrian Roman’s new ‘Disturbing The Perception’ EP is out now via microCastle. Purchase your copy here.

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