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Afterlife at The Brooklyn Mirage

Photo Credits: Amir Jalali

Burning Man is over and decompression is in full throttle – that means it’s time to continue the festivities in New York City. On September 8th, mega-label Afterlife debuted in NYC at none other than the Brooklyn Mirage. Adriatique, Tale of Us, Recondite, Patrice Bäumel, Hunter/Game, Roland Appel and Brian Cid are enough names to know this was no easy night. Add pouring rain, 5,000 party goers and you’ve got yourself one big celebration – Afterlife has hit US soil.

Brooklyn Mirage is sensory overload. The multi-leveled structure provides breathtaking sky views and what’s even more fascinating is the aerial view available to enjoy when in need of a break. Tiny heads fill each corner of the space seen from atop and the indulgence of a massive build is appreciated. Production of the Mirage is top of the line – 3D mapping circulates from front-of-house where DJ’s take center stage all the way to the back and custom KV2 sound blares near perfectly throughout. Green palm trees stand tall creating a breezy oasis effect in the concrete filled space and sway gently during a dark night.

Main stage withholds the masses but surrounding it are several other stages open to view art and listen to more artists. Getting lost in the venue might lead you to secret passageways dressed in Middle Eastern design to lounge on couches and enjoy yet another dimension in the Mirage.

The Afterlife effect was in full swing starting with Brian Cid when the rain made it obvious it was not stopping anytime soon. By the time Tale of Us was closing off the night, rain was second skin and the dramatic views of their iconic hanging man completed the environment.


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