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Agoria shares Sci-Fi Thriller video

The hip-hop influenced single ‘Call of the Wild’ features rapper STS.

French director Loïc Andrieu has teamed with video production company Soldats Films to direct the latest single by electronic artist Agoria.

During the cinematic video, the award-winner director brings to life a new female hero high concept; Jane, played by Fleur Geffrier (Elle, The Chalet) – a mysterious L.A.P.D rookie, is trapped into a scary police hazing ritual and forced to face her power to dive into death. Whilst American actor Carl Crudup (ER, Agent Carter) features as her father figure field training officer.

The script is based on Loïc Andrieu’s feature movie project. Talking about his concept, he explains, “Call of the wild is a female Orpheus myth. Death is the ultimate Pandora box. Dealing with it calls us to face inherent fears over the ‘unknown’. Jane breaks these boundaries and unveils the mysteries of the antechamber of death. Not dead yet, but no longer alive”.

Watch the video below.

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