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AIAIAI introduces UNIT-4: the world’s first portable wireless studio monitors

The UNIT-4 Wireless+ (pair) is priced at US$ 800.

Photo credit: AIAIAI – Website

AIAIAI is introducing UNIT-4, a new and innovative portable wireless studio monitor.

The UNIT-4 Wireless+ is a compact and high-performance monitor that revolutionizes the industry. Weighing only 2.5kg and with a size of just 3 liters, it offers superior sound quality and convenience. One standout feature of UNIT-4 is its long battery life, providing over 20 hours of playback.

Additionally, the rear bass vent of UNIT-4 serves as both an audio enhancer and a carrying handle, making transportation easy. With ultra-low latency and exceptional sound quality, users can fully appreciate every detail of their music with precision and clarity.

Learn more about UNIT-4 and purchase yours here.

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